Important Tri-Coat info

Pearl whites are almost always tri-coat paint systems. This means at the factory after priming, a base coat of white, (or red or black) is applied followed by one or more pearl coats then followed by the clear coat which adds the shine and protection. The colour can be partly determined by the number of  pearl coats as well as the colours that make up the basecoat. This makes these colours change in different lights and at different angles which makes them  hard to match, although we do offer them. For these reasons we cannot guarantee a match and do not offer a refund or remix on these shades. We can usually provide acceptable results bearing in mind that body shops charge a premium for working with these colours because they require an extra colour coat compared to standard base clear finishes which are now used on most cars. Due to difficulty in matching these shades the body shops must paint larger areas of the car to provide the desired result. Generally small chips repaired with a ChipFixx kit using our Cleaner/Leveler system (which comes with all but Paint Only) will provide acceptable results but larger areas will be  more noticeable.