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How to use a ChipFixx Kit

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Please note now that it is cold outside you need heated indoor space to do your repairs.  ChipFixx paint requires an indoor temperature of at least 10C or the paint will take a long time to dry.  You also need good indoor lighting.

ChipFixx ships within 1-2 business days.  Please visit for more information on postal strike locations and potential delays. 

We can mix almost every paint code after 1980 model years, please contact us if your code is not listed.



3 steps

1. Clean the chips/scratches with Cleaner Leveler

2. Paint the chips and scratches

3. Level the paint with the Cleaner/Leveler 

* Primer NOT required *




ChipFixx ships every kit fast & free. Body shop's charge thousands to repaint panels, and take your car for days. ChipFixx can be done in your driveway, in 10C+ dry weather. 



ChipFixx beats every paint pen. We offer the cleanest finish, longest lasting results, and professionally matched colours. 

ChipFixx features 



Cleaner leveler's dual purpose starts with cleaning dirt, wax, and debris from the chip/scratch. 
Paint sticks better, and lasts longer. 




Cleaner leveler is specially formulated to remove excess paint from the chip/scratch.

Leaving paint only where you want it. Inside the chip. 




Over 20 years of paint chip repair experience. We mix your paint according to the paint code on your vehicle..