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Recently bought a 2013 black SRX. What I failed to notice was the Dealership had “black- waxed” the car. After the 1st car-wash I found literally hundreds of white pin sized chips on the hood and on the front of the car. Not one to whine about water under the bridge I sought out a cost efficient solution. I found the ChipFixx website and decided to try their product. Lo and behold 95% of chips are no longer visible. Possibly because of user error I ran out of Cleaner/Leveler. I contacted Elva and she quickly resolved the issue. Reasonable prices, quick delivery, a product that actually works and great customer service are the reasons I am recommending the ChipFixx product line. Total cost= $160 whereas cost to repaint= $2200.

Gary from Toronto


I can’t remember the last time that I was so happy with an ordered product!  The colour is close to perfect for a 37 year old car!  Even for an amateur the touchup loosk great and one has to look really close to find them!  Once again, many thanks!

Peter Cormack, Brechin. ON


I was skeptical at first that this product would work but it did!  The chips are gone, the colour match is great.  Quick delivery time too.  Thanks so much.

Denise T. Kingston, ON


I had shopped around for a solution to fix the multiple chips on my Laser Red Mustang, I had read that I couldn’t find an exact match because it was a tri-coat. Well, I did. I was shocked at how well ChipFixx covered up the stone chips on my car and I find myself really having to look hard to find them now! Great service and great product!

Jeff N., New Brunswick


Your new site looks great!  I have used your paint on my BMW and will be ordering some for my Honda Accord!  Your paint matches perfectly and I am  very happy with the results!

John B. in Mississauga, Ontario


Just wanted to let everyone know that this is the best value touch up kit on the market. It is so easy to use and the color match is top notch. I am a life long customer. Thank you for your ease of communication with my general questions. A+, Calgary, AB

Many Corvette owners are both fanatical and prudent but when they take action on a problem its often with caution, especially with an unproven product. I debated a month or more after making the initial contact and i must say, after a reasonably short time in “repair mode”, my initial concerns disappeared as did the unsightly chips. The product is easy to work with and pretty foolproof; if you goof up, use the leveler and start again. I got excellent results using the directions and materials in the kit and also found that the toweling over a sponge was at times more useful than a finger for leveling the repair. Service? Second to none as Elva is in constant contact with you as long as you request it and shipping also happens rapidly. An excellent company to deal with.
Darryl Carpenter, Goderich, ON

My area Ford dealer does not carry the goo sticks anymore so I looked online and thought I’d take a chance on ChipFixx and it did work to fix the stone chips on my Focus. My car looks so much better now.
M. Hodges, Niagara Falls, ON

I have a 2006 VW Jetta that had stone chips on it and the touchup stick from the dealer did not match the colour of my car. I purchased a ChipFixx kit and found the colour did match, and it was easy to use too. I am happy with the results. Thank you.
Cory T., Mississauga, Ontario

I ordered a Basic Kit for my red Neon and it arrived quickly and I used it, following the instructions, and it worked well. I am happy with the results.
Dan B, Winnipeg, MB

The ChipFixx kit arrived quickly and with everything I needed to fix my stone chips. The instructions were easy to follow and I had my car done in no time!
Liz, London, ON

I ordered a ChipFixx kit to fix some paint chips on my 91 Mustang. The paint matched exactly, went on easily and covered all the chips! It couldn’t have been easier to use and it saved me hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars if I’d taken my car to a body shop!
Adam B., Aylmer, ON

My Chipfixx kit arrived in a few days and I had a chance to use it last weekend. The paint matched quite well, and I was impressed with the smooth and flat finish it left. If only I could remove the old dabbing stick bubbles, my F250 would look 100%. I highly recommend Chipfixx if you have rock chips and scratches you need fixed.
Alfonzo Z., Prince George, BC

I was a little concerned about trying this myself, I have never tried any body work on any of my cars. After I talked to Dave on the phone about how to do this, I felt a lot better trying it myself. The rust kit took out the rust from the hood of my VW Golf and I still can’t believe how good it looks after I used ChipFixx paint. The cleaner leveler solution is what made the difference. Thanks again Dave and Elva!
Carol D., Calgary, AB