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Tri-Coat FAQs

Please Question: What is meant by a tri-coat paint colour on a car?

When applied at the factory or a body shop 2 or 3 coats of a solid colour such as white or red with no pearls or metallic are applied to the car’s surface after it is primed. Following that, usually 2, 3,or 4 coats of a pearl colour which is sometimes tinted a bit with a colour are applied. After this several coats of clear coat paint are applied. The result gives a colour such as a red or white a more pronounced pearl sparkle than would be possible with a conventional base clear paint application which consists of a base colour followed by several coats of clear.

Question: What is the difference between tri-coat paint colours and base-clear colours?
In base clear there are several coats of base colour which will include pearls and/or metallic tints applied to the primed surface of the car followed by a clear coat paint finish sprayed on which gives it 2 layers.  In tri-coats an additional solid non-pearl or metallic coat is applied before the pearl or metallic coat and followed by the clear coat application resulting in 3 different layers.

Question: Can tri-coats be touched up?
Yes, at ChipFixx we can formulate a colour close enough in our paint system to achieve acceptable results. We work from our colour chip library using the formula for the colour which we then alter to produce as close a match as possible.

Question: Will it be a perfect match?
Tri-Coat colours show differently at different angles and in changing lighting conditions so a perfect match is not always possible but using our exclusive Cleaner Leveller solution which keeps the actual repair as small as possible you should get acceptable results.

Please note we do not offer remixes or refunds on Tri Coat paints.