- Professional Paint Chip Repair
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Platinum Kit

Platinum Kit

Complete chip and scratch solution, with professionally matched paint.

Featuring Cleaner/Leveler:
- cleans chips so the paint stays in the chip
- levels bumps and lumps of excess paint

Scratch remover restores faded paint.

ChipFixx Gold Kit:
- best looking
- longest lasting
- rust preventing

Gold Kit Contents:
1/2 oz Custom Mixed Paint
1 oz Cleaner Leveler Solution
2 Disposable Gloves
1 Microfiber Cloth
2 Leveling Cloths
2 Paint Brushes
1 ounce of car wax
1 ounce of scratch remover
1 Application Sponge
Paint Pics
Full Instructions

Please note: The air temperature needs to be at least +10C in order to do your repair or the paint will not harden. You will need heated indoor space with good lighting during cold weather.

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